Penobscot Bay Appraisals

With each appraisal performed by Penobscot Bay Appraisal, you will receive an appraisal report that meets Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice requirements. The Internal Revenue Service will require it.
Your insurance company will require it. Your attorney, insurance agent, accountant, or banker will require all of the pertinent information in writing, by a certified personal property appraiser.
Appraisals, and finding appropriate values, requires expertise, eduation, and research.
While a fellow collector, or local antiques dealer, can offer up a verbal appraisal of an item, for estate planning, insurance requirements, charitable donations, and IRS requirements, an appraisal must meet USPAP guidelines. Penobscot Bay Appraisals can statisfy these requirements.
Your appraisal report will include: a Summary, Analysis, Conditions of the Appraisal, Certification, Purpose of the Report, Method of Valuation, Definition of Value, Basis of Appraisal, Description, Appraiser Qualifications, and of course the items listed with appraised values, and with additional information about the item(s) when appropriate.

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