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While I have spent most of my life collecting, in 1998, while writing an article for Wine Spectator magazine, on an antiques dealer in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, I was introduced to, and was intriGued by, the antique corkscrews he had amongst his wares.

Intrigue led to an interest, a hobby, and a rather large collection of antique and vintage corkscrews. Collecting, then led me to several corkscrew clubs; first the Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club, and in 2008 an invitiation to join the International Coorespondence of Corkscrew Addicts. The ICCA is considered the most prestigious corkscrew collecting club in the world, limits its membership to only 50 members, and membership is by invite only. Over the years, as my knowledge grew, my involvement with the club continued to increase, and amongst other tasks, I edit the club's newsletter, The Bottle Scrue Times, serve as the club's webmaster, have hosted their annual meeting, and continually publish research based articles on the twisted treasures we covet.

As an ardent and active collector, I came to recognize that my own collection needed to be appraised for insurance purposes. And, when I looked to find an appraiser with an expertise in antique corkscrews, the search garnered little success. While other appraisers are indeed capable of appraising a collection of corkscrews, having an expert in the field will, ultimately, result in a highly detailed, informed, and educated valuation of the corkscrews in your collection.

This lack of having an expert in the area, was the impetus that led me to become a certified personal property appraiser. As I have handled, literally, thousands and thousands of antique corkscrews, and have quite an extensive library on the subject, should you need an appraisal of your collection for insurance, estate planning, etc., Penobscot Bay Appraisals, would be able to provide that service.

I will add here, that in order for an accurate and official appraisal to take place, items need to be examined in person. And, it is with that in mind, that in starting PBA, we committed to traveling to the location of your collection.

Should you be interested in having your collection appraised, feel free to drop me a line.

The resulting appraisal report will comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) guidelines.


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